Farm Animals
Just some of the animals found on British farms - see also our special page on Highland Cattle. The sheep in our collection are based on the Scottish Blackface and Swaledale breeds.
Delia Duck - beak down
Delia Duck - beak down
Dilly Duck
Dilly Duck
Highland Cow with Calf feeding
Highland Cow with Calf feeding
Donkey Foal - standing
NEW Donkey Foal - standing
Twin Lambs - medium
NEW Twin Lambs - medium
Smudge - Horse looking round
NEW Smudge - Horse looking round
Friendly Donkeys standing together
NEW Friendly Donkeys standing together
Freckles - Horse Grazing
NEW Freckles - Horse Grazing
Scottish Blacface Ewe
NEW Scottish Blacface Ewe
Scottish Blackface Ram
NEW Scottish Blackface Ram
Rosie - Jersey Cow sitting
NEW Rosie - Jersey Cow sitting
Daisy - Dairy cow standing
NEW Daisy - Dairy cow standing

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